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Daniel Schiff PhDSomatic Psychotherapy Training                

Somatic Psychotherapy Training Institute - PNW

The Somatic Psychotherapy Training Institute – Pacific NW, located in Portland, Oregon, was formed by Daniel Schiff PhD in 2020 to provide training in the field of somatic psychotherapy for practitioners and students in the fields of counseling and psychology, clinical social work, mental health, and other health professions. Courses offered by the institute strive to provide in depth education into the theories, processes and techniques which underlay what is increasingly current in psychotherapeutic and counseling practice – an understanding that therapy cannot just take place in the realm of verbal language but must include a focus upon the language of the body – the somatic –as a means of addressing each person from a truly bio-psychosocial perspective. The institute’s approach builds upon the character-analytic, biophysical, and bioenergetic (orgonomic) theories and techniques developed by Wilhelm Reich, the experiential and process oriented approach of Gestalt Therapy, and that which is current in the fields of emotion and attachment theory, affective neuroscience, somatics, and contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy. Trainings are taught by Daniel Schiff along with other professionals in the field. Continueing Education credit for some courses approved by NASW-Oregon Chapter.





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