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Prior Presentations, Workshops and Symposiums


Reich Informs Gestalt Therapy - Again.  "State of the Art of Gestalt Therapy" conference.  October 10, 2015

Moving Toward Authenticity:  Character Analytic and Somatic Interventions in Contemporary Reichian Therapy. Existential-Humanistic NW Professional Organization. October 10, 2014,

Emotional Dysregulation and Somatic Diseases:  Wilhelm Reich and the Functional Identity of Psyche and Soma.  National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) Grand Rounds.  March 17, 2014.

Fostering the doctor-patient relationship: lessons from the psycho-therapeutic couch. Pain Society of Washington. January 10, 2013.

Contemporary somatic psychology – an overview of the field & Contemporary orgone therapy and somatic psychology - where worlds intersect; where worlds collide. Talks given in New York, NY as part of the conference entitled “Somatic Psychology – Its Origins and Development.” April 28, 2012.     

The Theory and Practice of Orgone Therapy: Talk given in New York, NY as part of the conference entitled "Orgone Therapy:  Past, Present and Future".  December, 5, 2009. 

Wilhelm Reich Lecture Series: An Exploration of the Doctor/Patient Relationship.National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM).  2007- 2010. 

Contemporary Attachment Theory: An Orgonomic Perspective. Talk given in New York, NY as part of the conference entitled "The Future of Childhood: The Study of Children and Child Development from Wilhelm Reich and A.S. Neil to the Present".  October, 25, 2008. 

Key Concepts in the Contemporary Practice of Orgone Therapy.  Talk given in New York, NY as part of the conference entitled "Wilhem Reich: Past, Present and Future Perspectives".  April, 28, 2007. 

Contemporary Reichian Psychotherapy: A body/mind Psychotherapeutic Approach.Two-hour presentation.  Shanti Yoga Center.  January 28, 2007. 

The Bioenergetic Basis of Psychological and Somatic Disorders: A Reichian Perspective.Two-hour presentation.  National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM).  January 23, 2007. 

The Body in Psychotherapy: A Reichian/Gestalt Perspective:  Two-hour presentation.  Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS).  January 6, 2007.  Seattle, WA.

The Cycle of Experience: An Affective/Bioenergetic Developmental View. Two-hour presentation. AAGT 8th International Conference , August 11, 2006,Vancouver, CA

The Body in Psychotherapy:  A Reichian/Gestalt Perspective:  Leadership Institute of Seattle.  May 5, 2006.  Seattle, WA.

The Cycle of Experience: A Gestalt/Reichian understanding of character structure and the facilitation of character change in psychotherapy. The Wellness Project, March 15, 2006, Vancouver, WA.

The broad face of emotion: current research into the nature of emotion and the application of this research to clinical practice.  Three-hour presentation.  Washington State Psychological Association 2002 Annual Fall Convention, September 28, 2002; Seattle, WA.

Reaching the Emotions in Psychotherapy: Lessons from Affect Theory and Body Psychotherapy.  One-day workshop. Eastern Washington University Helping Professions Workshop Series.  May 17, 2002; Spokane, WA.

Reaching the Emotions:  Lessons from Affect Theory and Body Psychotherapy. Lecture at the Washington State Psychological Association 2000 Annual Fall Convention, October 13, 2000; Seattle, WA.

Actions Speak Louder Than Ideals: Fostering Healthy Parent-Child Relationships.6/15 Lecture at the Greenspring's Conference: Today's Children and the struggle for Tomorrow's Humanity. May 25-26, 1996; Ashland, OR.

Reichian Psychotherapy: A Comparison of Two Cases with Different Character Structures. Puget Sound Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.  May 1, 1992.

The Initial Biophysical Exam in Bioenergetic Treatment. Puget Sound Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.  

January 20, 1991.

Contemporary Approaches in Bioenergetic Treatment. Puget Sound Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.  

November 12, 1989.

Application of Bioenergetic Theory and Technique to the Practice of Psychotherapy. Washington State

Psychological Association 1987 Annual Fall Convention. Seattle, WA

Biophysical Basis of Character Structure.  Lecture at the conference "Wilhelm Reich and Emotional First

Aid."  Spring 1981. Vancouver, B.C.

Bioenergetics and Reichian Therapy.  Workshop at the Association of Humanistic Psychology Western                               Conference. Fall, 1979. Olympia, WA.


Introductory Seminar on Contemporary Reichian Therapy. With Mitch Singer, MA. On-line. 2017-18.

Orgone Therapy Introductory Workshop. Centro Reichiano De Mexico. With Harry Lewis Ed.D. 10/27-10/31/17.

Theory and Technique of Orgone Therapy: Ongoing Study. Oslo, Norway, 8/22-8/26/16.
Accessing Emotions - Changing Character:  An Introduction to Somatic Psychotherapy and Contemporary        Reichian Therapy - with Scot Nichols MA and Mitch Singer, MA, LMHC.  Seattle, May 21, 2016. 
The Theory and Technique of Orgone Therapy.  Oslo, Norway, 6/22-6/26/15.
Special Topics in Orgonomy:  Further Conversations with Harry Lewis, Ed. D. Seattle, 5/23/2015.
Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Therapy:  Further Conversations with Harry Lewis Ed.D.  Seattle, 6/14/2014.
A Sense of Self:  Embodied and Expressive Practices in Psychotherapy.  Lewis and Clark College, 
 September 21, 2013 and March 5, 2014..

Wilhelm Reich and the Development of Orgonomic-Bioenergetic Medicine.  NCNM,  April 24, 2010; Portland, OR.

Working With the Body In Psychotherapy: Lessons from Gestalt and Reichian Therapy and Contemporary Attachment and Affect Theory.  GTTC-NW, June, 2005-2008; Portland, OR.

Anxiety and Depression: A Bioenergetic Perspective. October 31, 1998; Seattle, WA.

Self-Regulation and the Child's Health. May 15-16, 1993; Spokane, WA.

Rational Parenting - Promoting Self-Regulation in Children.  February 6-7, 1993; NYC.

Our Roots in Nature:  The Origin, Development, and Consequences of Human Armoring.  June 6-7, 1992;  SeattleWA.

Health and Human Sexuality. November 9-10, 1991; Spokane, WA.

Body-Mind Behavior: A Bioenergetic Model for Human Development. November 3-4, 1990. Spokane, WA.

Clinical Use of Bioenergetic Theory:  Class offered for CE credit for psychologists.  Spring, 1989.  Seattle, WA




The Practice of Orgone Therapy: Two-year Intensive Training, Mexico City, Mexico. 2018 - 2020. Centro Reichiano De Mexico.  With Harry Lewis, Ed.D. and Patricia Estrada.




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