Daniel Schiff PhD Somatic Psychotherapy Training
Daniel Schiff PhDSomatic Psychotherapy Training                

Accessing Emotions - Changing Character:  And Introduction to Somatic Psychotherapy and Contemporary Reichian Therapy


                Scot Nichols, MA, Daniel Schiff, PhD, and Mitch Singer, MA, LMHC.


May 21, 2016

Seattle, WA


In early to mid 1930’s psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich introduced the idea that character structure and emotional defenses are not just psychic in nature but rather involved the whole organism – one’s whole being.  In doing so he planted the seeds that evolved into today’s developing somatic psychotherapies, with contemporary Reichian therapy being its most direct offshoot. In this workshop, through lecture/discussion, clinical demonstration and case presentation, we will explore the field of somatic psychotherapy as a whole and the theory and technique of contemporary Reichian therapy in particular, and address the process via which somatic psychotherapies help access emotions and promote character change. 


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"The Field of Somatic Psychotherapy" - Scot Nichols, MA


"Basic Principles of Contemporary Reichian Therapy" - Daniel Schiff, PhD


"Contemporary Reichian Therapy Case Presentation" - Mitch Singer, MA


"Ending Panel - Accessing Emotions - Changing Character" - Nichols, Schiff, Singer





Scot Nichols, MA:  Certified Counselor in private practice in Bellingham, Washington.  Associate Professor Somatic Psychology at Fairhave College, Western Washington University.


Daniel Schiff, PhD:  Psychologist in private practice in Portland, Oregon.  Lead trainer Contemporary Reichian Therapy training program. Adjunct professor Lewis and Clark College.


Mitch Singer, MA, LPC: Therapist in private practice in Seattle, Washington.  Trainer Contemporary Reichian Therapy training program. 




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