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Introductory Seminar on Contemporary Reichian Therapy



Contemporary Reichian Therapy (CRT) is an emotionally focused somatic (mind-body) psychotherapeutic approach that integrates classical Reichian therapy (orgone therapy) with the theoretical and procedural frameworks of Gestalt and Client Centered therapy; current developments in our understanding of human development, attachment, and emotional functioning; and contemporary studies in psychoanalysis. At its core is Wilhelm Reich’s fundamental work on the study of character and its biophysical basis; character resistances and the nature of characterological and somatic armor; character analysis, vegetotherapy and the development of orgone therapy; and orgonomic functionalism, Reich’s approach to his understanding and study of natural processes. This seminar will present an introduction to this work and will provide a basis from which one may pursue further study in the theory and technique of Contemporary Reichian Therapy.


This seminar is appropriate for all therapists, health practitioners, and students who are interested in broadening their understanding of the life energetic basis of health and disease.  In particular it is highly recommended for those who are interested in participating in the four-year training program in Contemporary Reichian Psychotherapy (orgone therapy) beginning in the fall of 2018.  


Format:  In order to accommodate students living in diverse localities, this seminar will be offered in a monthly video-conference format. 


Meeting times: Friday afternoons 3:30-5:00 PM.  1.5 hours per session for 7 sessions. 

Meeting dates: One Friday per month beginning in October 2017:

 10/13/17, 11/10/17, 12/8/17, 1/12/18, 2/16/18, 3/9/18, 4/13/18.                                         

Fee:  $250.  $200 for full time students enrolled in college programs

Text:  Reich, Wilhelm. (1961) Selected Writings – An Introduction to Orgonomy. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux.


CE credit may be available depending upon credential.


Course Outline:


  • Wilhelm Reich – his life and work – an overview
  • Character Analysis – an introduction
  • Reich’s concept of armor and its biophysical basis
  • Reich on Emotions – the expressive language of the living
  • The discovery of orgone energy
  • Orgone therapy and Reich’s conceptualization of somatic and psychic biopathies
  • Animism, Mysticism, and Mechanism 
  • Orgonomic Functionalism



Seminar Leaders: Daniel Schiff, PhD. and Mitch Singer, MA, LMHC


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E-mail: dschiff@dschiffphd.com

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