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Introductory Seminar on the Work of Wilhelm Reich


A video conference seminar for practicing psychotherapists, health practitioners, and undergraduate and graduate students in psychological and health sciences  


This seminar will present an introduction to Wilhelm Reich’s forty years of studies on life energetic functions, studies which culminated in what Reich called Orgonomy – the science of life energy.  As true today as during its inception in the mid 20th century, Orgonomy has wide application in the many of the social and physical sciences.  But unfortunately it remains either unheard of or unrecognized, or if referenced is portrayed in a distorted form.  Thus, unbeknownst to many, within Orgonomy one can find the foundation for ideas which are now moving to the forefront of current scientific study. In the fields of psychology and the health sciences the contemporary focus upon character style rather than just upon symptoms in psychological treatment, the psychosomatic identity between mind and body, the relationship between social conditions and psychological problems, the existence of a ‘life energy’ and its relationship to health and disease, are all topics of current interest which Reich addressed in detail.  His work provided the jumping off point for the psychotherapeutic approaches of Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetic Analysis, and contemporary somatic psychology. Yet these approaches, while adding much on their own, do little justice to the depth of the conceptual and integrative framework provided by Orgonomy as a whole.


The focus of this seven-session seminar will be on presenting an overview of whole of Reich’s work with an emphasis on the application of orgonomic thought in medical and psychological practice.  This seminar is appropriate for all therapists, health practitioners, and students who are interested in broadening their understanding of the life energetic basis of health and disease, and in particular is highly recommended for those who are interested in participating in the four-year training program in Contemporary Reichian Therapy (orgone therapy). 


Format: In order to accommodate students living in diverse localities, this seminar will be offered in a monthly web based conference format.  


Meeting times:  1.5 hours per session for 7 sessions. Times to be announced.

Meeting dates: to be announced.

Fee:  $300.  $210 for full time students enrolled in college programs

Maximum of 15 participants:


CE credit may be available depending upon credential.




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