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Beginning Fall 2018

Studies in Somatic Psychology

Contemporary Reichian Therapy (orgone therapy) Training Program


offered by the Somatic Psychotherapy Training Institute - Pacific NW 




An in depth training program for psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, and other health professionals who desire to become fully grounded in the theoretical and procedural fundamentals which are used in somatic psychotherapy and contemporary Reichian therapy practice. These fundamentals embody an integration of classical Reichian therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and contemporary developments in the fields of attachment and affect theory.


Course of study:  The program of study is spread over four years, with additional ongoing supervision and workshops available after completion of the four years.  Beginning participants are asked to commit to the first two years of training.


The first two years of training will consist of two 3-day weekend sessions (Friday and Saturday 9:30AM – 5:30PM, Sunday 9:00AM – 5PM with a one hour lunch break each day) and five 2-hour video conference call sessions.  The format for subsequent years will be a combination of weekend sessions and video conferences.  Weekend sessions will include discussion of assigned readings, clinical case material, video and audio presentations of instructor's clinical work. clinical demonstrations and experiential work.  Video conference calls will include discussion of assigned readings and clinical case material. Fifty-two hours per year total.  Weekend sessions alternately held in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.


Learning objectives:


1. Develop an understanding of and ability to apply Reich's functional conceptualization of the relationship between psyche and soma in the process of individual counseling.

2. Develop the ability to use contact and emotional attunement as a ground from which to engage clients in individual counseling from a somatic perspective.

3.Learn to apply characterological and somatic interventions with clients in individual therapy to help them address problems with estrangement from somatic experience and indentify and lessen defenses agains emotional contact, experience and expression.

4. Learn to work in the 'here and now' and track and respond to clients' moment by moment responses to changes in emotional and emergetic excitation.



Prerequisites:  a. A graduate degree in the field of mental health or other heath profession or current enrollment in such a graduate program. b. Prior or concurrent somatic psychotherapy, preferably from a Reichian perspective.  


Timetable: The next training group will begin in October 2018. Size of group limited to 15 members.


Dates:   Three day meetings:  Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. Dates to be announced.

                Video conferences: Fridays, 3-5PM:  Dates to be announced


Trainers:  Daniel Schiff, PhD and Mitch Singer, MA, LMHC.


Fee: $2100/year; $1875 for students enrolled full time in a graduate program who have financial constraints.  Payment options available.  


Continuing Education:  CE approval currently being sought. 


Further information: contact me at my e-mail address:  dschiff@dschiffphd.com. 



Four year program outline:


I. Year One: Contemporary Reichian Therapy - basic theory 


Topics covered:

  • Therapeutic Practice – key processes derived from attachment theory, affect theory, and Reichian and Gestalt therapy 
  • The life and work of WR – a brief overview 
  • Character Analysis - Theory and Technique
  • The Orgasm Theory 
  • Character and Character Formation 
  • Character Styles 
  •      The Hysterical (Passive-Feminine) Character 
  •      The Compulsive Character 
  •      The Phallic Character 
  •      The Masochistic Character 
  • Contact and its Disturbances: Contactlessness and Substitute Contact 
  • The Biophysical Armor: Its nature and development 
  • Functional Antithesis of Sexuality and Anxiety 
  • The Orgasm Formula 
  • Biophysical Armor and the Primary and Secondary Drives 
  • Orgonomic Pulsation and the Cycle of Experience 
  • Expressive Language of the Living - Emotion and the Armor 
  • The Segmental Arrangement of the Armor 


II. Year Two:   Practice of Contemporary Reichian Therapy - introduction to therapeutic technique.


Topics covered:

  • The Segmental Armor and Character Structure 
  • The Beginning Phase of Therapy: Making Contact 
  • The Beginning Phase of Therapy: The Biophysical Exam 
  • Tracking Biological Pulsation (T-C-D-R) during the session 
  • Use of the theory of Attachment and Emotions in Psychotherapy 
  • The Beginning Phase of Therapy: Respiration – analysis and mobilization
  • Working with Specific Segments in Therapy
  • Reich Case Study – The Schizophrenic Biopathy – An in depth analysis 


III. Year Three:  Theory and Therapeutic Technique - intermediate studies


IV. Year Four: Refinement of therapeutic understanding and technique




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